Silver Sands Putting Green

At Silver Sands Golf Resort, our putting green is designed to help you refine your putting skills and lower your scores. Whether you’re warming up before a round or practicing your short game, our well-maintained putting green offers the perfect environment to perfect your stroke.

Silver Sands Golf Tip of the Week

Utilize a Carpenter’s Chalk-Line and a CD Disc for Better Putting Chalk-Line for Alignment and Stroke:

A carpenter’s chalk-line is a great tool to help improve your alignment and stroke. Here’s how to use it effectively:

Find a straight six to ten-foot putt on the practice green.
Snap a chalk-line from the hole back to your desired distance.
Place a ball on the line and ensure your putter and body are properly aligned.
Try to roll the putt right up the chalk-line, focusing on maintaining a straight path.

Visit the putting green at Silver Sands Golf Resort to put these tips into action and watch your scores improve!